Server Health Monitor: Article Id 510-en

Disk Information Module


For each project currently loaded into the server, this module regularly (by default, every 5 minutes) checks the disk file systems used by this project for

  • read access
  • write access where needed
  • available disk space
  • total disk space

These project-specific locations are examined:

  • database master directory (root directory of the project)
  • directory where the database metadata files are stored
  • hand-over directories (used, for example, during check-in, or import operations)
  • bucket directories

Warning and critical conditions are reported as a file system is running out of space. A warning is reported if the free disk space drops below 12 % of the total disk size; an error is reported if it drops below 5 %. If the Alienbrain server doesn't have full access to the directories, this is also reported as critical.

The check does not include mount points in your project tree, and is thus not capable of detecting critical conditions on mounted file systems.

Important note: The disk information updates for the projects are distributed over a 5 minute time span to avoid high load on the server from the file system checking. Even if the health monitor tool regularly reports new data, you still have to wait up to 5 minutes to be sure all project information has been updated.

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