Server Health Monitor: Article Id 502-en

Server Log Module


This module tracks the server log and reports errors and warnings in the server health monitor:

  • Logged error messages are always reported unless there is another module reporting specifically the same error.
  • Warning messages are only logged, if they are also enabled in the log file verbosity settings in the Alienbrain Administration client.
  • Info messages are not reported.

Known issues

  • If a user merges files from a source branch to a target branch, the merge dialog might show files, which exist in the source branch but not in the target branch. If the user chooses the target branch version as the merge result (which is a valid operation), then the server might log the following error:
    Log message: [{date/time}] [FATAL] [.\NxNDatabase1Impl.cpp ] [14089] [00001398] [00001bac] Unable to prepare a new version for the object {id} while committing a transaction (0x89990040) on database '{database file}'
    This is not a fatal error and can be ignored. Note: Check the error code (0x89990040) of the message though. If it has a different error code, it might indicate a different problem.

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