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Failed to apply journal entry


Every project has a journal containing the committed changes. These are stored in one or more .jrn files which are continuously integrated into the database in a second step.

One entry of the transaction journal could not be integrated.


There are several causes triggering the error. The most probable are:

  • The related file was also accessed by another process (for example, a virus scanner or backup process).
  • The volume the database directory (_database) is located on is out of disc space.
  • The volume the database directory (_database) is located on is a network drive and there are problems with your network (high latency, defect router, etc).


Your project should be automatically locked. Otherwise if you have load on this project you should see a growing count and size of journal files (*.jrn) in the database directory (_database). The growing speed depends on the load of the project.

Your project data is still consistent and safe, but the changes will not be contained in a backup from this point on because they are not integrated in the database.


If the project is not locked yet, you should lock the project as soon as possible to disconnect all users from the project. Then you should review the possible causes of the problem:

  • Look into the server log file about a log entry with a similar description. In the most cases, additional information about the occurring Windows error code was logged out. Please take a look at Microsoft MSDN Library - System Error Codes ( to get a detailed description what happened.
  • Please make sure that you don't have a virus scanner running, or at least that the database directory (_database) is not scanned.
  • Make sure that your backup solution excludes the database directory as well.
  • If your database is located on a network drive that does not physically exist on the same machine where the Alienbrain Server is running, try to access the volume from the Alienbrain Server host to be sure that your network access is working without problems. Note: it is recommended that the database directory (_database) is located on the machine running the Alienbrain Server process. See Database Storage Recommendation.

When restarting the server, all existing journals will be integrated immediately. Depending on the number of journal files already existing, loading a project can take some time.

Additionally, please contact the Alienbrain support team and send the server log files with the information about this error.

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