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Memory Guard busy / not responding


The Alienbrain Server thread responsible for managing the server's memory is not responding. The thread might be busy or waiting for a blocking server call to finish.


There are several internal causes for this warning. Most of the time when this warning is logged the Memory Guard is waiting for a blocking server call to finish its job. Another less occurring cause is the server running out of memory which might result in the Memory Guard hanging.


The following results are possible:

  • While the server is in a blocking call other requests to the server might run into a timeout. The server will become unresponsive. Once the blocking call is finished server responsiveness will go to a normal level again. The Memory Guard will continue working and stop reporting the warnings.
  • If this warning was caused by a low memory condition your server will run out of memory soon, depending on the project sizes and the load of the server. If the server already runs in a low memory condition, you can see a significant slowdown of the server's performance.


If you are running a huge project with lots of user interaction try to keep at least one client connected to that project. Depending on the loaded and swapped out project data closing a database might take a long time to finish. This can result to the Memory Guard warning.

If the problem still occurs you should restart the server as soon as possible to disconnect all users from all projects. Additionally, please contact the Alienbrain support team and send the server log files with the error that occurred.

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